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We offer holistic well-being therapy via intuitive energy healing and mindfulness meditation classes, enabling you to live from your heart.

Free Session: Our free introductory meditation class will guide you online or through in-person by appointment only. (Duration – upto 90 minutes with follow up sessions of 55 minutes each).

Meet Our Meditation Expert: Victoria Strong is a meditation healer specializing in making her clients relax and learn to meditate for reducing stress and anxiety. She is part of a broader NWCS team of mental health experts working towards the same goal of a a healthier lifestyle.

Holistic Well-being Therapy

We will teach you how to create and maintain a healthy balance in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lifestyle for experiencing optimal well-being. We achieve this by focusing on your movement, nutrition, sleep, meditation, emotions and breath work to address your stress, anxiety, fear, low self esteem, poor self image and low mood.

Our goal is to develop self awareness of your emotional state, limiting beliefs, life codes and inner critical narrative and how they are affecting all areas of your life. Through these personal development tools and mindset coaching, we can guide you to overcome life’s hurdles;

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and PTSD.
  • Overcoming poor self-esteem, insecurities, and dealing with the Imposter syndrome.
  • Bringing your healthier self back after injury, trauma, or bereavement.
  • Learning to live with an illness or dealing with a family member going through the same.
  • Improving your sleep.
  • Introducing you to your own emotions through self-awareness.
  • Removing subconscious blocks.
  • Clearing of energetic ties to experiences that are not supportive of your well-being
  • Deeper understanding of your soul purpose and how to make life changes to support this
  • Healing and release of past painful experiences
  • Enhanced mental clarity, clearing your foggy mind
  • Recovery help following a surgery or chronic pain.
  • Increasing your sense of acceptance.
  • Helping you feel centered and grounded so you can cope with stress and anxiety better
  • Chakra healing
  • Working with the angelic realm and ascended masters
  • Activating the energies of The Threefold flame- Faith, Hope, and Love
  • Anchoring in the Feminine Divine energies
  • Balancing and healing the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves
  • Activating the sacred heart through the Pink Ray energies
  • Alchemising lower vibrational energy within ourselves and humanity with the Violet flame

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